10 Life Changing Skills You Can Learn Online

The future of education is online. Today, you can learn just about anything you want, such as photography, public speaking and even how to speak a foreign language.

These life-changing skills are not meant to be solely learned in the classroom. By taking these learnings online, you can often learn it without going broke, and it saves you the time of commuting to go to a school or meet a private teacher.

We’ve collected the top 10 life-changing skills you can learn online, where to learn them, and what you can expect from them. Enjoy, and hope it helps you.

1. Photography

Where to learn: CreativeLIVE
How much you’ll pay: ~$200

CreativeLIVE is the world’s largest live-streaming destination for educational content. They have dozens of classes in photography, marketing, design, business, and more. You can learn from the best teachers in their respective industries.

2. Personal Budgeting

Where to learn: Dave Ramsey
How much you’ll pay: ~$100

Dave Ramsey is known to be the personal finance guru. On his website, he provides in-person and online classes for people to join, in order to sharpen their personal finance and budgeting skills. His most popular class is just $100.

3. Foreign Languages

Where to learn: Rype
How much you’ll pay: ~$5/lesson. Use this calculator to get an estimate.

Rype is the leading platform online for private language lessons with a professional teacher. Every teacher on the platform has been hand-selected and pre-vetted for you to ensure the highest quality in terms of experience, personality, and professionality.

4. Public Speaking

Where to learn: Dale Carnegie
How much you’ll pay: $299

Dale Carnegie is known to be one of the most prestigious training institutions for leadership and public speaking training. Warren Buffett himself claimed that it was one of the best investments he’s ever made.

5. Musical Instruments

Where to learn: Lessonface
How much you’ll pay: $25-30/lesson

Lessonface brings music lessons online with the best teachers. You can take guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, and much more from the comforts of your own home.

6. Coding

Where to learn: Codeacademy
How much you’ll pay: $0

Codeacademy is the leading platform for learning how to code online. You can learn popular software languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and more. What’s useful about Codeacademy is that it’s not teaching you theory, but you get to practice real-time, and even build your own application as you’re learning.

7. Leadership

Where to learn: MindTools
How much you’ll pay: $27/month

MindTools is an online course learning website teaching you everything from leadership skills, team management, strategy, stress management, and more. If you’re a young professional, business owner, or a manager, you can upgrade your skills today using MindTools.

8. Health & Fitness

Where to learn: Fitnessglo
How much you’ll pay: $12/mo

Fitnessglo is like Netflix for fitness classes. You can take as many of their online classes from your home, at the office, or at your gym and achieve your fitness goals.

9. Meditation

Where to learn: Calm.com
How much you’ll pay: $0

Calm is your meditation teacher on-demand. You can choose from multiple background sounds to meditation guides, and have someone guide you through a meditation practice. It’s perfect for beginners just getting started in meditation or anyone that wants to destress after a long day.

10. Investing

Where to learn: Investopedia.com
How much you’ll pay: $0

Investopedia is not only a resource hub for all types of investing knowledge, but they also have a stock stimulator that allows you to invest fake money into real-world scenarios. You can start with $100,000 and invest into stocks and test your theory before using your real, hard-earned cash in the stock market.

What are your favorite websites that we’ve listed to learn a skill? Share it with a friend today!

Source: Lifehack