5 Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters That Can Save You Money

You know that room in your home that was delightfully cool in the summer? Well, ‘tis the season that it’ll get downright frigid—unless you invest in a great space heater. And there are some great energy-efficient space heaters on the market now, so get that old idea out of your head that these devices are energy hogs.

In fact, the best energy-efficient space heaters can actually save you money. If you’re just looking to warm up one room, using a space heater is more energy efficient—and less expensive—than cranking up the central heat, according to the Department of Energy. The key is finding a model that best meets your needs. That’ll help you stay toasty—without eating up tons of power. (And to keep your bedroom even toastier, here are the best organic flannel sheets.)

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Unlike with most appliances, space heaters don’t qualify for the EPA’s Energy Star label. But you can still take steps to find options that are as energy efficient as possible. According to the Department of Energy’s recs, you should:

Opt for a radiant heater when possible.

Radiant space heaters emit infrared waves to heat people and objects nearby. They also tend to be more efficient than convection heaters, which work by circulating warm air throughout the room. The downside? They usually only keep you warm if you’re sitting right near them. For bigger spaces, a convection heater might be a better choice.

Make sure your heater has thermostat controls.

A thermostat will maintain whatever temperature you set so that the space heater won’t waste energy by overheating. Look for ones with multiple output settings (like low, medium, or high) so you can set your heater to the lowest comfortable setting.

Pick the right size.

Bigger isn’t always better. Get a space heater that’s designed for the room you want to heat. (Most models come with sizing tables, so it’s easy to tell if a heater will meet your needs.) Oversized heaters use more energy than necessary, and they could be dangerous.

All of these energy-efficient space heaters have earned rave reviews from their happy—and certainly warm—customers. These are great picks!

Source: Prevention