5 Shocking Reasons Toxic People Are Attracted To You

They enjoy latching onto happy, unsuspecting people, which is why some of the most genuine and kind folks often have to deal with toxic people the most.

Here are five surprising reasons that you’re attracting toxic people in your life:

You’re really good at listening

People who are really good at listening to what others have to say are always highly valued, especially in a world that has become so distracted by the technology at our fingertips. Toxic people will use this great quality of yours as a platform to hear themselves speak.

They can talk for hours about themselves (and the negative way they see the world) without showing any interest in what you have to say. They just like when others accept their view of the world as truth.

You give people the time of day

Generosity is undoubtedly a great quality to have, but when it comes to toxic people, it can be highly detrimental. Generosity is something that toxic individuals seek out on a regular basis, simply because they know that they can take advantage of a person who will do anything for them.

They’re likely to grab hold and not let go if you’re always at their beck and call.

You have an easygoing nature

Easygoing people are fun to be around. They pretty much always keep their cool and are very good at diffusing uncomfortable situations with clever jests or kind words. They’re usually very patient and kind, a trait that stems from the inner peace that they’ve found.

Unfortunately for these people, their inner peace is exactly what attracts toxic people, simply because they wish to disrupt it.

You’re good at solving conflict, building bridges

When arguments and feuds go unresolved, the bridge builder will go to great lengths to see the relationship mended. Many people love you for your ability to bring people together, and are often quite grateful. Toxic people love these types because they love to destroy bridges.

Creating drama and conflict between others is something they truly enjoy.

You see humanity in a very positive light

I like to believe that most people see their fellow man as inherently good-natured and kind, just as I do. And I’d say that most people’s daily interactions with each other prove this to be true. However, every now and then we experience the dark side of folks. If you’re the type of person who has trouble finding the darkness in others, you could be inviting toxic people into your life without even realizing it.

Do you put up with a crappy friend out of hope that they will change? Do you completely ignore their poor behavior and distasteful acts, choosing to hang out with them anyway? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your friendship.

7 Surprising Reasons You’re Attracting Toxic People

Source: Heart Centered Rebalancing