5 Things You Need To Know About Ego Energy!

by Nickolas Martin

Ego Energy Influences Us in Different Ways

Ego can affect us in many ways we may not even grasp. Consider these five ego influences:

  • Ego profoundly impacts your health and happiness for better or worse.
  • Ego works to ensure your daily and mortal survival in ways that can lead to suffering.
  • It has no awareness of itself but you can become aware of what ego is doing to your life.
  • Ego has no awareness of God but can negatively impact movement on your spiritual path.
  • It is possible for you to heal with ego medicine to bring this energy into balance.

What Working with People Can Teach Us

Over 35 years of working with people in various roles and contexts has taught me that a person’s ego energy exerts a profound, pervasive and relentless influence on the quality of life we can live. This influence is also reflected in relationships, our ability to love ourselves, how well we achieve and come to know our life’s purpose, our ability to grow our mind-or not, the capacity we have to experience genuine happiness, and our ability to deal with change, adversity, stressors/stress, and conflict. When ego energy is healthy and balanced, things go well in each of these key life areas. When it is imbalanced, various degrees of difficulty occur in these mirrors to our life.

Ego ultimately has a positive purpose.

It is trying to help you survive in the daily and mortal sense which most would agree is a good thing. Survival efforts manifest in our thoughts, words, behaviors, emotions, and even physiology as we negotiate the key life areas mentioned earlier. When our ego energy is healthy and balanced, we aren’t just surviving but living-really living in those key life areas. When it’s imbalanced, life is mainly about survival and suffering often becomes its companion. Suffering reflected in many of those key life areas within the words, thoughts, feelings, etc. we resort to in the name of our survival. Often, leading to a journey into more and more mindlessness and spiritual unconsciousness from which it is difficult to awaken.

Ego has no awareness of the energy it is or its impact on our lives, for better or worse.

It does not possess an intellectual or intentional capacity-it’s energy. This is completely different from many representations of ego which ascribe an intentional quality. It has a profound purpose-your survival-but does not act with volition. Absent a consciousness containing an intellect and intention, it cannot heal itself where needed. But you can by cultivating your ego consciousness with what I wish to share with you via my trilogy of books written for this purpose-Ego Therapy, EgoSpiritualism, and The Two Voices Within.

Ego has no awareness of God; it makes no direct attempt to impact our spirituality or relationship with God.

Absent an intellect, it does not know who you are, what God is, or even what it is. Consequently, it is not out to “edge God out.” However, ego energy imbalance can have a negative impact upon your spiritual consciousness. This imbalance leads to the construction of ego illusions involving: unworthiness, inequality, separation, sensing all energy, disorder and egoic control.

These illusions really come to the forefront when we are working hard to survive and keep us firmly locked into the “little picture” of earthly life. These block us from seeing the big spiritual picture in which we come to fully know the love, life, and energy that God is, and the “great gifts” of life, creating life, eternal life, and God within, which anyone who has ever lived may receive.

We Can Heal Ego Energy

As I said earlier, you can heal your ego energy where needed. This healing involves using what I refer to as ego medicine. Briefly, it involves: 1) coming to know what ego is and isn’t; 2) tuning into your specific ego energy to determine whether imbalance in its power, flexibility, or vulnerability are at work in your life; and 3) using ego related reality based thinking to replace ego related non-reality based thinking. Each of the books in the trilogy facilitates this healing process so that you can live the great life.

About the Author

Dr. Nickolas Martin is a licensed psychologist who has worked in clinical, university, public school and private practice settings as a therapist, diagnostician, educator and consultant for 35 years. He authored “Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole Self” and co-authored with Rev. Linda M. Martin, “EgoSpiritualism: Awakening to Your Human and Divine Self” and “The Two Voices Within: Balancing the Energies of Ego and Spirit to Enhance Your Life.”


Source: OM Times