5 Ways Toxic People Manipulate You

Here are five ways that toxic people manipulate you into complete silence:


Gaslighting is a fairly simple tactic that gets used often by toxic people. You can recognize it when people start calling out a toxic person’s poor behavior or actions, and they vehemently deny the reality of what happened, claiming the other person to be crazy or mentally unstable.

If they’re doing things that drive you crazy, and then deny any wrongdoing, they’re gaslighting you.

Word Salad

Have you ever asked a person a question, but instead of an actual answer, all you get is them talking in circles trying to form a somewhat coherent argument as to why any and all responsibility should be lifted from them? They do this to confuse and irritate you.

You’ll really notice it when you disagree with them on a minor issue, and they start personally attacking every aspect of your life.

Blanket Generalizations

The worse kinds of toxic people are terrible at forming legitimate arguments. Instead, they often use generalizations to prove points that aren’t necessarily true. Words like ‘never’ and ‘always’ get tossed around a lot in regards to behavior.

You can’t be logical with them, otherwise they throw another fit and start with the personal attacks again.

Quick to Conclusions

Toxic people like to think that they know what others are thinking and feeling at most times. But they only operate and act in a world filled with their delusions, so they tend to immediately think they know exactly what’s going on. So, they aren’t apologetic, they try to speak for you, and should you ever resist, they’ll make you look like the insane one.

Subject Changes

A popular tactic among toxic people is to simply change the subject as soon as it starts focusing on them and their negative behaviors. When this happens, keep your cool and focus entirely on what you want to talk about, always bringing it back to the issue at hand instead of letting them trail off on some random tangent.

If this is a lost cause, just choose not to interact with them. There’s no point in wasting anymore energy on them.

Source: Heart Centered Rebalancing