6 Common Signs of Ovarian Cancer Most Women Ignore

Over 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year in the United States. And around 15,000 women die from it.

You will be surprised to discover that most people don’t know the symptoms of this deadly disease. They only realize something is wrong when the cancer has started taking its toll on the body.

As the name suggests, ovarian cancer forms in tissues of the ovaries but it can spread to the entire reproductive system if not discovered early. There are three types of ovarian cancer, ovarian epithelial cancer (most common), ovarian germ cell tumors, and ovarian low malignant potential tumors.

These different types of ovarian cancer have the same symptoms. Here are the common symptoms you should look out for.

1. Never-ending pain in abdomen or pelvis

Never-ending pain in the abdomen or pelvis means something is not right. This could be a sign of ovarian cancer or ovarian cysts. Make sure you get checked out if the pain lasts for more than a week.

2. Bloated or swollen stomach

When the stomach swells it means that the cancer has progressed. The stomach swells because ascites (a fluid) has been trapped in the abdominal cavity. Swelling is not a definite sign that you have ovarian cancer so make sure you get checked for other conditions.

3. Urinary problems

Ovarian cancer may cause you to urinate more than normal. The frequent urination is caused by the stomach swelling which squeezes the bladder.

The average person urinates 7-8 times a day. So you should be wary if you urinate more than that, especially if you don’t drink a lot of beverages. But realize that bladder problems can cause frequent urination.

4. Spotting between periods

Bleeding between periods is not normal. It is a sign of ovarian cancer but it can also be caused by pregnancy, use of hormonal contraceptives, unprotected sex, and so on. See a physician if you’re bleeding between periods.

5. Feeling full all the time

Ovarian cancer makes women feel full faster. This is caused by swelling and disruption of hormones.

6. Change in bowel movement

Diarrhea, constipation or poor bowel movement could be a sign of ovarian cancer.

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Source: Natural News

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