7 Jeans That Dont Stretch Out

Good jeans are hard to find. You take 52,465 pairs into the fitting room with you. Then, as you try on each one, you do the jeans dance. It involves squatting down low, wiggling around, and bending over, all so you can get an idea if the pair will actually behave when you get home. Because the worst thing they can do is sag by 3 PM. You know, when the butt starts to dip, they get roomier in the thigh, and—the worst—when you get that around-the-knee sag.

Then, you have to wash them just in hopes they shrink back down again. Thing is, you’re not supposed to wash them all the time. (It’s not good for the fabric.) So for the health of your blues and your sanity, you owe it to yourself to find the best jeans that won’t stretch or sag.

We combed through reviews of tons of jeans to find the ones that women say they love because they can hold their shape. In fact, reviewers gleefully chirped that they could wear certain styles over and over again and they still looked like the first time they tried them on in all their body-hugging glory. These are jeans that they specifically called out for their ability to stay up all day. We found them and put them all in a handy list for you.

If you’re on the hunt for a pair that will stay glued to your curves without getting bigger throughout the day—an amazing pair that don’t stretch out—here are seven great styles:

Source: Prevention