8 Best Healthy Fruits for Diabetics

Fruits are good for all of us. But you have to choose the right ones if you’re diabetic. Eating some fruits can raise your blood sugar levels.

Basically, you should eat fruits with a glycemic index (GI) less than 55. This doesn’t mean that you should stay away from sweet fruits, some sweet fruits actually have low GI. And they make a perfect substitute for sweet snacks candy and cakes. It’s okay to eat fruits with medium GI after workouts.

1. Berries

Berries have a low GI, you can either choose blueberries or strawberries. Berries are packed with antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. In fact, research shows that strawberries have a favorable effect of plasma glucose in type I and II diabetes patients. A cup of berries has 62 calories.

2. Tart cherries

Tart cherries have low GI and they’re great for fighting inflammation. If you choose to buy canned cherries make sure that they don’t have added sugar.

3. Peaches

Peaches are rich in potassium, fiber and vitamins. Add cinnamon or ginger to your peaches to get more health benefits. This study showed that consumption of peaches reduced risk of type II diabetes. While drinking fruit juice increased risk of diabetes.

4. Apples

According to research, eating apples and other whole fruits reduces risk of diabetes. Eating one apple between meals will keep you full and prevent overeating. An average-sized apple has 77 calories. Remember to eat the apple with the skin because it has lots of nutrients.

5. Oranges

One orange will give you all the vitamin C you need in a day. Oranges are also rich in potassium and folate, and they can help stabilize blood sugar levels. Other citrus fruits like grape fruits are also an excellent choice.

6. Pears

Pears should definitely be part of a diabetic diet. They’re rich in nutrients and vitamin K. And don’t peel the skin off when eating them.

7. Apricots

One apricot only has one 17 calories and 4 grams of carbs. Add them to your salad or eat them fresh. By the way, apricots are rich in vitamin A.

8. Kiwi

This delicious fruit is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamin C. One kiwi has only 13 grams or carbs. Gladly, kiwi fruits are not seasonal you can buy them any time of the year.

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Source: Natural News