9 Surprisingly Easy Steps to Mindful Eating

Written by: Kat Gal


How often do you eat in front of the TV? How about mindlessly snacking during your day? How often do you chew your food properly… consciously? And how often do you swallow huge chunks without chewing or thinking?

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How connected are you to your food?

Food is more than just something to put in your mouth to make you feel full – it is nourishment to your body, your mind and your soul. Food connects everything. Food connects you to yourself, to other people and to nature. Eating is a complex process; it is social, emotional, cultural and it is absolutely crucial for our health and well-being. It is a


Yet, so often we rush through our meals without thinking, without feeling thankful and without feeling connected to our food. We are all guilty of it, I am too.

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What is mindful eating anyways?

Mindful eating means that you respect your food, you feel connected to your food, you eat real food, you eat whole foods that your body is meant to eat, you make eating regular, you take time to eat and, most importantly, while eating you stay in the

present moment

What does mindful eating look like? Mindful eating is a simple process that can be described in 9 easy steps:

1. Hold it in your hand. Feel your food in your hand. What does it feel like? Is it cold? Maybe hot? Rough or smooth? Light or heavy?

2. Look at it. What colors do you see? How is the light reflecting on it? What does it remind you of?

3. Touch it. Or perhaps stir into it with a spoon. What is the texture like? How about the surface?

4. Smell it. How does it smell? Does it smell strong? How do you feel when smelling it? Bring back any memories?

Source: FitLifeTV