Animal Messengers Spirit Animals and Their Meanings

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Roles of Animals

If we are the Universe, expressing itself as a human, who and what are animals are? What are the here for? Animals are very important beings walking alongside humans as messengers and teachers. They help us understand the world around us better. They are teachers and masters of utmost value and their lessons for us are precious.

Animals are Sentient Beings

The situation of animals in today’s day and time is worse than can be put in words. Animals are conscious and sentient beings and we ought to treat every living being with consideration and respect. However, we violate our rights of speech and power to its superlative degree, treating animals in sub-brackets of pet, wild, domestic help, FOOD, so forth and so on.

Ancients Treated Animals with Respect

Ancient people were much sorted than evolved human race. We have achieved milestones in terms of science and technology, however, we have gone backwards in terms of compassion, respecting other beings and humane. Ancient people were quite depended on animals because they knew that their behaviour and mother nature were always in tune.

Animals are Messengers

If you allow yourself some time and witness an animal respond and react to situations, people, sound, smell etc. you will notice they are very sensitive to their surroundings and are blessed with a very active sixth sense. Their behaviour can help us understand the energies around us better and it can help us get a deeper insight into their intuitive signs and messages. Here are common animal messengers and their meaning.


A cat is considered to be a bad omen, especially if it is a black cat. However, a Cat is a symbol of mystery and mysticism. It represents the other world or the other side. It also signifies its capability to keep it all a secret and how they are guardians of the other side. Their look is often imploring which means for us it is a long way to go, spiritually speaking but the journey has begun.


If you are repeatedly seeing a Wolf or Wolf Imagery, it could be a sign that you need to pay heed to the kind of people you are surrounding yourself with. Wolves can also indicate that you need to unite with your family to get through the next chapter of your life.


Foxes represent transitional nature of life and come to you as a sign that it is time for you to see life from a different perspective. If they occur repeatedly in physical form or in imagery, it means that you need to change your ways to think about certain aspects of your life.


A lizard is a symbol that you have lost touch with your higher goal or higher self or you are feeling negative of all that you have the potential to achieve they are often a reminder that you must touch-base your authentic self and be steady on your path. Do not ignore your dreams or your highest calling


Seeing snakes or the imagery of them is a very powerful message of life force and the passions you feel. Seeing a snake also means that you are entering a place of healing and renewal.


Seeing Spiders is a strong reminder of your connectedness with the higher realm. They often come to you, to help you get back to your creative side and let it flow. It can also come to you as a sign of your connectedness to the spirit world and sometimes also carry a message from the Spirit Realm.


Butterflies are a strong reminder of transformation and transition from phase to the other. If you are repeatedly seeing the butterflies, though its a sign that you need to change your viewpoint or let go of a thought process.


An Eagle is a symbol of Spiritual protection and higher calling. If you are seeing Eagles constantly it is telling you that you are shifting to a new level of consciousness or there is dimension shift for you.


A Hawk has an eye for the details. If you keep seeing a hawk or its imagery , that means it is trying to tell you that you need to see an aspect of your life more closely and the details too. It can also be an indication that a new lesson will soon unfold in your life.


An Owl is considered to be the wisest bird of all. Seeing an Owl or its imagery is an indication that you need to pay heed to your intuition and gut feelings. They might be repeatedly appearing to guide you through an important phase of your life.


Whilst Ravens are considered to be a death omen, they hardly ever mean physical death. A raven is a metaphor for new beginnings. If you are constantly coming across a Raven or their imagery, it indicates that soon a new chapter will begin in your life.

Source: The Earth Child