Best Anti Aging Moisturizers Have These 3 Things In Common

Last week we set out on the lofty, sometimes confusing quest of finding out more about anti-aging serum and where to find the best ones. With the guidance of MFC Dermatology partner and DNAEGF Renewal founder Roland Moy, MD, we learned how serum differs from moisturizer and the benefits of anti-aging ingredients. So now that we understand how anti-aging serums work to reverse things like fine lines and thinning over time, we’re ready to look for the best anti-aging moisturizers for quick fixes and instant hydration for the top layer of our skin. The thing is that some anti-aging ingredients like Retin can be super drying too, which can make it confusing when you’re looking for a product to quench thirsty skin while also reversing signs of premature aging.

So when it comes to finding a good anti-aging moisturizer, Moy says to look for options that “have ingredients that help repair damage and boost skin’s regenerative process” rather than drying you out. And as dermatologist and former professor of clinical medicine at the University of Hawaii, Megin C. Scully, MD, recommends, you should “modify moisturizers depending on the degree of air dryness,” by “switching from lotions to creams” or from gels to oils. And since we have the sun to thank for most signs of premature aging, both doctors encourage maintaining a vigilant SPF routine. In other words, look out for moisturizers that hit the trifecta of anti-aging properties, SPF (unless you’re using it at night), and hydrating ingredients.

With this advice in mind, we curated our dream virtual vanity lined up with 15 of the top anti-aging moisturizers. Click through below to take your pick.

Source: MyDomaine