Birthday Cake Waffles

It’s official. We are back from Costa Rica, I am on my way to Dallas after being in Denver for less than 12 hours, and I am just a hop and a skip away from my 29th birthday this weekend. A lot is going on this week and it’s all so damn cool. Right now I’m heading to the RewardStyle Conference where I’m being interviewed and chatting with other women. It’s an event filled with hundreds of women from across the country (maybe even world?!) all with similar jobs and likeminded ideas on growing a business on your own! We get to meet with brands, sit in on classroom discussions and go to some fun parties, too! I’m so pumped for it. And even though I’ll be missing be missing my birthday night with my husband and friends, I’ll be at a black tie optional party instead! Not a terrible way to spend your birthday, if I do say so myself!

PaleOMG Birthday Cake Waffles

I’m not much of a birthday celebrator BUT I’m a tad bummed that I won’t be in town for a little workout and brunch. Everyone should do something they love on their birthday and that’s exactly what I would prefer to do. Go hard on a workout and hard on some gluten free pancakes while still in workout clothes. Or waffles. Waffles would do. Obviously.

PaleOMG Caramel Donut Ice Cream Cupcakes

I seriously cannot believe it’s already been a year. Just this time last year, we were getting back from our wedding in Jamaica and celebrating my birthday by chowing down on some Thai food. And now I’m a year out from 30 and pretty pumped about it. The past few years have been really damn cool and I can’t wait to see what my 30’s bring!

I decided that for an early birthday present this year, I would make myself a perfect batch of waffles instead of a cake. This recipe is CRAZY easy to make. And that’s sometimes what I prefer on my birthday. So instead of making my Light and Crispy Protein Waffles, I grabbed a box of Simple Mills Pancakes/Waffle Mix to use instead. Their mixes make life so damn easy! And since the box makes so many waffles, I ate them for a week after making this recipe! Birthday waffles for a week? Why yaaaaassss!

Speaking of birthdays for a week…since I’m not home for my birthday, should I extend it for an entire week so I can eat cake every night? I think that sounds like a genius idea. And I know everything. Because it’s my birthday and I said so.

  1. Make waffles according to direction then fold the sprinkles into the batter.
  2. Pour batter into greased waffle iron and follow the waffle iron directions to cook to perfection.
  3. Make coconut milk whipped cream.
  4. Top warm waffles with whipped cream and extra sprinkles on top along with maple syrup, too!


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