DIY Flea Removal Bath for Dogs

Can a DIY flea removal bath for your dog, made in your home, by you, with natural ingredients get any better? Yes, because it actually WORKS without using hash chemicals on you or your pet!

Your dog will be pest free and enjoy the extra bonding time spent with you.

Ingredients Needed

Instructions For Making A DIY Flea Removal Bath

Flea Removal Bath Benefits

Removing fleas from your dog can be a pesky battle, but it does not have to come with harsh side effects.

The typical “store-shelf” dog flea remover product contains pyrethroid based chemicals. These chemicals are FDA approved and deemed “safe”; yet have been linked to dog seizures, heart attacks, and brain damage.

In addition to the harm your loved pet could experience form not using an organic solution; pyrethroid based chemicals are a possible human carcinogen. These harmful chemicals can cause nerve damage particularly in young children, whose nerve system is still developing.

Making your own DIY flea removal bath will allow you and your pet to bond while keeping each other out of harm’s way! In addition, using an organic soap with a PH level between 6 and 7 will ensure that your loved pet and family remain naturally safe.


Source: Natural News