Eating Fish Found To Reduce Risk of Depression

Written by: Kirsten Cowart


If you are a seafood lover, then here is another benefit that comes from eating a good amount of high-quality fish.

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Researchers from China did an analysis of 26 different studies involving more than 150,000 people and discovered that

higher fish intake


The research also revealed a slightly stronger association between high fish consumption and depression.


Why Does It Work?

Researchers admit that they aren’t certain why eating high amounts of fish is associated with reduced risks of depression, but they suspect it has to do with

omega-3 fatty acids

which are commonly found in fish.

Omega-3 fatty acids help your body reduce its level of


or fat in the bloodstream. Healthy elimination of these fats will help with weight loss, which helps with overall health.

These healthy omegas help the brain’s many functions including thinking, remembering and learning.

When your brain is working well, you tend to have overall better mental health.

The researchers believe that the omega-3 fatty acids alter the microstructure of the brain and may modify the activity of the neurotransmitters




Source: FitLifeTV