Gravity and Vacuums Within Subtle Energies

by John Burton, EdD

Gravity and Vacuums in Our Physical World

We are each familiar with the concept of gravity in the physical world. The size and mass, including density, determine the gravitational pull of a heavenly body, be it planet or star. But here, I will describe another type of gravity that occurs in the world of subtle energies. I will also identify two kinds of vacuums that seem to occur within the realm of subtle energies. Finally, we will discover that these identified elements exist along a continuum that reveals our connectedness with Source or God.

It is interesting that both gravity and vacuums can feel similar and yet stem from opposite sources. Gravity and vacuums each exert a kind of pull that we can feel. But the source of the pull in gravity is from the size and density of a body, the mass, and internal presence. The pull of a vacuum stems from the absence of any internal substance.

Subtle Energies of Gravity and Vacuums

Gravity and vacuums make up the two subtle energies. While these two energy states seem separate, they exist as polar opposites along a continuum. The gravity I’m referring to in subtle energies has to do with our sense of life purpose. This gravity resides within us and holds us here on the earth for reasons different than the physical gravity. At a deeper level, subtle gravity allows us to live more fully from God or Source.

This subtle energy gravity relates to what we might call life purpose. What are we here to do and what is the driving force in our life? The clearer our sense of purpose, the easier it is to access, developing and express our gifts to the world.

While a sense of purpose moves us forward in life, purpose seems to also provide a kind of gravity, keeping us here in this life on this planet. Purpose helps us stay grounded, keeps us in life and acts to hold us here, the gravity of purpose. When we connect to purpose we also connect to Source or God as our purpose is part of the Universal Purpose, expressing forms of love. I’ll explain a bit more shortly.

Types of Vacuums and Emotions

The first kind of vacuum involves the pull of what might be considered negative emotions or uncomfortable emotions. These emotions exert a kind of draw that may feel as though they threaten to consume us. The second type of vacuum occurs between people, where one is a person is in need, feels empty and draws on others in an attempt to fill the need or the internal void. You could also say that an inverse relationship exists between gravity and vacuums. The lesser gravity creates more of a vacuum.

These unpleasant emotions are uncomfortable for us to experience. When any of these uncomfortable emotions begin activating we can feel a kind of pull they exert. It seems they possess a gravity, but it’s really the vacuum, that threatens to pull us in and engulf us. The effect here is a bit like a black hole in the realm of astrophysics. The unpleasant emotion threatens to swallow us and we react to this fear at a survival level.

Responses Relate to Source Energy

There seem to be two effective responses to this vacuum of unpleasant emotions. The first response that helps is to connect more fully with your inner self, your purpose and therefore, gravity and, ultimately, God. The second effective response is to just let go and allow yourself to be fully pulled into the unpleasant emotion.

Do not stop, just keep going in and you will soon find that you are delivered to Source as this Energy resides at the center of everything. This process resembles the Buddhist approach known as “dissolving into emptiness”. You could imagine this as being like using a wormhole to travel through a black hole into a white hole. Here, the white hole is serving as Source of Light.

About the Author

John Burton, EdD LPC maintains a counseling practice in Greenville, SC. His is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master and Reiki Master. He provides individual counseling and conducts workshops on healing through Spirituality. His soon-to-be released book, fourth overall, is The Sacred Sequence; Remembering the One Truth.

Source: OM Times