Harness The Power of Garnet

Garnet is found all over the world. Its name is derived from the Latin word “granatum”, that refers to the seeds of a pomegranate. This gemstone is commonly known as the birthstone of January, as well as for its many healing properties.

Garnet is most often thought of as a dark red gemstone but comes in a variety of colors that are just as magnificent as the ruby red. The color spectrum of garnet offers red, pink, yellow, green, orange, brown, black, blue, violet and purple hues.

The most precious color of garnet is considered to be blue and is the most rare to find. To gemstone collectors, a clear green garnet (referred to as a demantoid), is considered to be the diamond in the rough and is highly valued for its beauty and monetary value. There are many recorded uses for garnet that have been recorded throughout history. It has been legendarily used for healing body ailments, mood disorders and its effect on one’s romantic relationships.

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Myths and Legends

The Greeks believed that the stone had the ability to protect children from drowning and would often have their children wear a necklace made of it.

During the Middle Ages, garnet was used to protect Europeans against depression, liver disease and hemorrhaging. It was also during this time in Europe that children and adults would sleep with pieces of garnet under their pillows to help ward off bad dreams. In the Christian bible, Noah used garnet to light his way due to its ability to diffuse light. It was also told that he hung a piece of this stone within the ark to help spread light throughout the area.

Color Correlation

Many of the influences that garnet is said to have on the body correspond with the common dark red color that it is known for. For example, garnet is said to positively affect the heart and was used to correct palpitations and heart disease.

Garnet is also often used to treat blood-related issues and diseases and promotes healthy blood circulation and the ability to produce healthy hemoglobin. In much earlier times, soldiers were known for placing pieces of this gemstone in their wounds because they believed it would help to heal them at an exponential rate. The color red is often associated with love and passion and appropriately so. Garnet is known throughout many cultures to be the curator of monogamy and long lasting relationships.

Positive Thoughts

Garnet can be used to promote positive thinking and relieving yourself of self-doubt. It has a protective and calming effect when worn or when held to the light and taken in visually. The most common color associated with garnet, the ruby red variety, promotes healing upon the uptake of the illuminated stone. This gemstone has been accredited with healing depression, relieving anxiety and allowing the possessor to release routine bad behaviors and bad habits. People that struggle with addiction and addictive qualities have reported feeling more stable and confident in facing their addictions when wearing or holding garnet.

Sexual Healing

Whether worn by men or women, both sexes can benefit from the power of this precious gemstone. Women have used garnet to balance hormones and to reduce swelling in the breasts during times of menstruation.

During ancient Greek times, the stone was used to restore health in the reproductive systems of men. Both sexes can benefit from the stone’s ability to balance out the sex drive, promotion of fertility and the expression of passion and love. The hopeless romantic will be eager to learn that the stone also has been said to help you to find your one true love.

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Source: Sivana