is Your Inner Circle Ruining Your Life?

Written by: Brandon Epstein


Fact: You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

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The sum of their health.

The sum of their happiness.

The sum of their financial success.

The sum… you get the point, right?

Outside of your immediate family – ask yourself

Can you honestly say that you want to be the sum of these people?

If you answered yes, you can now exit this article with a big grin on your face AND/OR share this post on your social media page and shout out the 5 people you’re so proud to be associated with on a consistent basis.

If you answered no, let me explain to you why this inner circle of people may be ruining your life.

Humans are communal beings. We want to engage and interact with our surroundings in a way that has the least amount of friction possible.

That means that, if you are in a room full of people who want pizza and beer for dinner every night, it’s going to take a lot of strain and possibly create some friction in your relationships if you are always the person who says,

“Uhh, do you guys want to skip the pizza and beer and opt for some salad instead?”

When you’re constantly forced into these situations, you are creating a TON of extra

stress on yourself

that is completely unnecessary.

The truth is, most people avoid the conflict and just do what the people around them are doing.

It’s acceptable and it’s easy.

BUT guess what?

When you do what everyone else is doing around you and they are not living the life you want to live – you end up

You end up settling for a diet that leaves you feeling slow, sluggish and low in confidence.

You end up settling for daily rituals that leave you feeling uninspired and depressed.

You end up living a life that is less than what you have envisioned.

So, what do you do?

Well, you have two options:

You can

that guarantee you will stay where you are.

You can

and choose to create a new circle.

When I first introduce this concept, many of my clients ask,

“how do I even get started in a process like this?”

Source: FitLifeTV