Old Truck Was Turned Into Mobile Shower To Help Homeless People


Jake Austin has found the perfect solution to a serious hygiene problem homeless people are facing. In St. Louis, Missouri, the homeless often tend to waste their supplies, simply because they have nowhere to hide them.


The solution? “Shower to the People”, a mobile shower on wheels!

Re-purposing an old truck he purchased for $5,0000 which he found on Craigslist, he fitted a fully operational bathroom in the back. He smartly raised the funds via GoFundMe in a campaign and now he’s helping 60 people in need of warm showers. Water is warmed through fire hydrants and warmed by a generator which allows the truck to travel freely around the city. Planning on future expansions, Austin plans to expand to more US cities.

The homeless might not be every person’s priority, neither may their cleanliness. Sadly, they are unable to pull themselves out of a bad situation and find and keep decent jobs without our support. Cleanliness is vital, aiding in avoiding infections and illness. Never mind everything else, it returns their dignity.“Good hygiene promotes health, fosters hope, and restores dignity to those who may have lost it.” Explains Austin.

In the flesh – Jake Austin

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Source: The Earth Child