Original Student Teacher Couple Separate

More than 20 years after their affair made headlines, the student and teacher behind it have separated, with Vili Fualaau (the student) filing for divorce from former teacher, turned wife Mary Kay Letourneau.

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The now separated couple first met back in the mid-nineties when Kay Letourneau, then in her early to mid thirties, was a 12-year-old Faulaau’s Seattle middle school teacher.

Their relationship was then exposed because Ms. Letourneau fell pregnant and was later sentenced to seven and half years in jail for child rape.

They later married in 2005 after Letourneau was release from prison and after she had given birth to their second child while still in jail.

But now, in a twist of doomed from the beginning fate, they are now getting divorced, with a source close to the couple telling People ‘they had been “having issues for years” and their attempts to fix them failed’.

“They’re still committed to being good parents to their children”, the source added.

And while it still unknown why the could have spilt, Letourneau’s attorney David Gehrke confirmed it was Faulaau who initiated proceedings and added, “When one person is unhappy in the relationship, the other person can’t be happy either,

“I’m convinced they were totally in love”.

Source: Crowd Ink – Love Life