Podcast 356 How To Finally Beat Procrastination

Show Highlights

  • How Jane and Lenora came together and ended up researching and writing about procrastination
  • The research on procrastination that was available back in 1983 when the book was first written
  • Why procrastination isn’t always a problem
  • The serious consequences that can arise from chronic procrastination
  • How procrastination and perfectionism are actually related
  • The different between just tabling something and procrastination
  • The self-perpetuating cycle of procrastination
  • The 3 fears that ultimately drive procrastination
  • Why would anyone be afraid of success? How does that perpetuate procrastination?
  • Executive functioning in the brain and procrastination
  • Subjective time vs. objective time — how people experience time differently
  • The compartmentalization of procrastination
  • Why basic time management and goal-setting techniques don’t necessarily work with procrastinators
  • Why self-compassion tends to work better than self-criticism
  • Concrete tips on finally slaying the procrastination beast
  • Why you need to give yourself permission to do bad work

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Procrastination is filled with great insights on why we procrastinate, but more importantly provides actionable steps beyond just to-do lists to help you beat your procrastination habit.

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