Surfer Catches A Wave Alongside A Shark In Florida

Jordan Waldron was photographing her surfing boyfriend when, being in the right place at the right time, she snapped a photo of a shark catching the same wave.

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Emmanuel Roig was surfing near Reef Road in Palm Beach, Florida, when the shark joined him on the wave, according to WPTV and the Sun Sentinel.

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“There were tons of sharks today,” Waldron told WPTV. “It was most likely a spinner shark as I saw some earlier jumping out of the water.”

It could also have been a blacktip shark, known to sometimes act like a spinner shark. Blacktip sharks were reported to be migrating up the Florida coast and 10,000 of them were seen off Palm Beach.

The image taken by Waldron was shared on Facebook, where it’s getting plenty of traction, along with comments ranging from “beautiful” and “awesome” to “well, sharks do live in the ocean” and “love how people think this is a rare occurrence.”

Steve Riddle, probably a fellow surfer, added a comment and confirmation about the sharks.

“I was beside him,” Riddle wrote. “And yes, lots of sharks.”

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