The Raw Cranberry Relish That Stole Thanksgiving

I have three siblings, and all of them live out of town. They were all here yesterday for an early Thanksgiving celebration, and my mom thought she would take advantage of all of us being in the same town at once. She has been going through pictures and old keepsakes the past couple weeks and found her stash of notes and cards and letters we wrote to our parents when we were kids. We hada fun time laughing at all of the different blasts from the past, but nothing was quite as funny as this letter that we came across.

drewssexybody (3)

Let me preface by saying that I was in 7th grade when I wrote this, and I recruited my 5th grade sister to help withmy persuasion techniques.

I can’t tell if I was trying to be funny with the whole overly formal writing or I thought it would increase the probability of us getting what we wanted. Either way, I had some nice elements of imagery and emotional connection going on, andI don’t even know where I came up with some of these words, but it definitely provided for some great entertainment.

Notice the wite-out over the time and repetition of ‘o’clock’. HAHA!

Apparently we were sincerely sincere about this letter and our ‘startling statement’ of arequest.

Hopefully you got a kick out of that because I sure did.

But back to some food. When I say this raw cranberry sauce stole Thanksgiving, I mean like a star actor stole the show and not like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

This fresh tasting addition to your Thanksgiving dinner will blow your mind! It’s probably unlike any cranberry relish you’ve ever had before.

***A note on the essential oil use in this recipe: you should not ingest just any essential oil. Make sure that the orange essential oil is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) because these are a high enough quality that they are safe to ingest. I use and loved?TERRA oils, and you can buy them here .



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Author: Sarah

Serves: 15




Eat uptomorrow! And be thankful for the awesome body you’ve been given!!

Love on those close to you, but most importantly, love on yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Source: FitLifeTV