These Cooling Pillows Are Perfect for Sweaty Sleepers

There are few things as underrated (and, let’s get real, necessary) in this world as a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, such slumbers can be hard to come by—particularly if you find it difficult to get comfy. That’s why you should consider trying one of the best cooling pillows on the market: cushiony bundles specifically made to keep a sleeper calm and chilled out all night.

If you struggle with overheating come bedtime, regularly finding yourself unable to snooze because your body is covered in slimy sweat, a cooling pillow may just be your new best buddy. Not only do these gems reduce the surface temperature, but they are often designed to eliminate sleeping pains as well. The chilling fabrications offer comfort for achy joints and may even help prevent stiffness. What’s not to love?

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Far too often, something gets in the way of a peaceful eight-hour sleep. If your room isn’t too hot, maybe you’ve just got too much on your mind. Perhaps a neighbor’s infant is being sleep trained, or the new sheets you just bought are scratchy. Maybe it’s your pillow, though. Without a good one, you could end up with a sore or sweaty neck. You could toss and turn into the wee hours of the night. You could get so fed up that you eschew sleep altogether in favor of another Netflix binge or a good book—which is great, just not at 4 AM.

If any of this sounds like you, a cooling pillow is worth a shot. You’ll feel fresh and crisp as you snuggle in the covers—and, hopefully, you’ll feel just as fresh and crisp come the next morning. Getting up is hard to do, but it may just become a little easier if you’ve got a reliable sidekick encouraging you along the way. These best cooling pillows are loved by their devoted users. Enjoy!

Source: Prevention