Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday!! Hopefully you’re feeling rested and motivated from the weekend. I know I am after just getting back from 4 days in Lake Powell. It wasn’t quite long enough, but it was still the perfect getaway to free myself from social media for a few days and let the body rest away from the gym. Which means it’s the perfect time to remind YOU of the importance of resting. Let’s chat.

Ok, so hopefully we all know that working out is important. And I’m hoping that you’re working out at this point. If not, it’s time to find a workout you love and stick with it. But if you’ve been working out consistently at any point, you’ve probably overdone it once or twice. Whether that was during a workout or too many workouts in a row or even too many workouts in a day, most of us have felt some sort of fatigue. But just like any endorphin high, working out can be addicting. And when we see results, it’s easy to believe that we will see more results with the more workouts we do.

But rest is just as important as working out. When you constantly put stress on the muscles, tissues and systems, they need time to repair so they can catch back up for the next workout. Just like how we need sleep every single day, the body also needs rest. If rest isn’t incorporated into your fitness routine, not only are you increasing the bodies vulnerability for fatigue, poor sleep, messed up hormones, immunity and mood, but you’re also hindering the bodies ability to rebuild those tissues that were broken down. Which means all that hard work you’re putting in may not be visible. You want to see your muscle definition and weight loss or weight gain, right? That’s why I workout – I want to visually see my body change from all my hard work. And when you’re not resting, that muscle turnover and healing can’t happen meaning your progress will be slowed and your visible changes will be hindered.

Our bodies were made to be pushed and to be physically and mentally stressed, but they were also built for rest and relaxation. And that means FULLY resting. Before I started taking 2 rest days per week, I would workout multiple times per day and I would run 3-5 miles on my rest days. I never truly rested. I believed that the more work I put into it, the more results I would see. Then when I decided to finally listen to my body and take those rest days, my body completed changed. It took years, but it changed. My muscle definition begin to show more, my body weight decreased and my movements in the gym actually improved.

More isn’t always better. Remember that. If you work hard, your need rest. So let the body rest, recover and fully benefit from your work days! Whether that’s a week off while on vacation or the weekend off every couple months or taking multiple rest days during the week, DO IT. Take care of yourself! Now let’s get after it on this Monday!

Sunday – Rest Day

MondayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

TuesdayOrange Theory Class – see workout here (This was the modified Tornado workout for the day)

Wednesday – Rest Day/Wake surfing in Lake Powell

Thursday – Rest Day/Wake surfing in Lake Powell

Friday – Rest Day/Wake surfing in Lake Powell

Saturday – Rest Day


Free Travel Workout:

2 rounds:

100 alt. walking lunges

80 mountain climbers

60 tuck jumps

40 alt bicep curls

20 heavy DB front squats

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Weekly Workouts

I’m living it up sailing through the Caribbean right now, but I didn’t forget about you! Here are my workouts from last week!

Sunday – Wake surfing – see video here

MondayCrossFit Broadway Class

Back Squats: 3 x 5. All sets at 66%. All sets have a 3 sec down – 3 sec pause at bottom. (13 mins) – I used 115#

Then 12 min AMRAP Of:

30 DU

10 Burpees

1,2,3,4,5,6… Power Cleans (185/125)

I finished round 8 + 36 using 105#

TuesdayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

WednesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

5 Rounds For Quality Of: (18min cap)

12 Strict HSPU (3/2? deficit if able)

150m Farmers Carry (2 x 70/55)

I got 4 rounds doing 8 strict HSPU and 35# KBs for my carries

Then In a group of 3 with an 8 min clock:

Partner 1: Max Cal Assault Bike

Partner 2: 100m Run

Partner 3: REST

*Rotate stations each time runner returns.

**Order is as written.

***Score is total Cals as a team.

We got 161 calories…I think

ThursdayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

Friday – Rest day – Traveling to St. Martin

Saturday – Rest day – Boarding our yacht and setting sail through the Caribbean!

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Weekly Workouts

Good happy morning!! I know those words don’t really go together and people out there who are obsessed with grammar are very unhappy with that sentence, but I’m still writing it! No need to email me about my poor writing skills. Because I’m over here happy as a clam, waking up in my own bed and now on the couch with my dog while I type up this post! I am one happy panda when I am home to my two favorite guys and our little house! I absolutely loved being in Austin, but being home is definitely my favorite place to be. A part of me still wants to live in Austin, but after experiencing 4 days of 102 degrees with full humidity, that will only happen if we are ever able to afford a lake house. Because I don’t know what else I would do there. Other than eat…which is all I did all weekend.

So obviously Austin is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s buzzing, they have amazing restaurants, the people are awesome – it’s just the best. The problem is the humidity would take a bit to get use to, especially in the summer. And after being there over the weekend, I can tell that if I moved there, I would have to get my life together and not just eat then sit inside all day. Because that’s all I seemed to do. Eat, eat, quick workout, then eat some more. I was definitely carrying a bit of water weight yesterday and not feeling my best. But sometimes, vacations take over your life a little bit.

But for me, I’m never getting those days and experiences back, so I’m not upset about the choices I made. I’m just back on the healthy choices train now that I’m back at home! I’m pounding water, I’m making simple healthy meals, I’m staying away from sugar, and I’m back to my regular workouts. So in no time flat, I can get back to feeling like myself again…so I can hop on a yacht in the Caribbean and play this game all over again. Even with an extremely busy week and a half before I leave for the Caribbean, I’m making sure that I’m still fitting in my workouts and taking care of myself before I leave!

My point is – enjoy your vacations, enjoy the little moments and enjoy every bite. Then get right back to the habits that help you feel your best and make you thrive! Try not to see those little moments on vacations are regretful decisions. Instead see them as time you will never get back so they were enjoyed in the best way possible. And today, set the tone for the week and get after your goals right away! Today is going to be awesome! I can feel it!

Sunday – Rest day

MondayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

TuesdayCrossFit Broadway Class – this workout was absolutely brutal and seriously destroyed me

For Time: (30 min time cap)

21 Deadlift (225/155) – I used 125#

470m Sprint

– 3 min rest –

15 Deadlift (275/195) – I used 145#

470m Sprint

– 3min rest –

9 Deadlift (315/225) – I used 165#

470m Sprint

– 3 min rest –

6 Deadlift (365/255) – I used 185#

470m Sprint

– 3 min rest –

3 Deadlift (405/285) – I used 195#

470m Sprint

I finished in 23:29

WednesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

Every 90 sec for 9 sets: (12 mins)

Snatch + Hang Snatch. First set at 60%, add as you wish with a cap of 85% – I got to 100# (see video here)

Then 21-15-9 Reps For Time Of: (13 min time cap)

Power Snatch (135/95)

C2B Pull Up

Assault Bike (calories)


I got through the round of 15 then finished 9 snatches and 4 pull ups using 65# and kipping pull ups

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Workout at Siete Foods HQ in their gym in Austin

3 rounds: 45 sec work 15 sec rest

Weighted bulgarian split squats (20 sec R/20 sec L) – I used 2×20# DBs

Rainbow med ball slams – I used 20# ball

Renegade row man makers – I used 15# DBs

Rowing for calories

Mountain climbers

Saturday – Workout at Crush Fitness in Austin


Free Travel Workout:

2-4-6-8-10-12…etc for 18 min:


Man Makers

Side Skaters (each side)

DB Thrusters

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Weekly Workouts

Happy Mondayyyyyyy! Today I’m back at home in Colorado after traveling all last week to Santa Ynez Valley where I ate, drank, worked out, slept in extra comfy hotel beds, and even sat by the pool to work. It was seriously such an amazing week and I can’t wait to share all the details from the trip in a post this week! But until then, let’s talk about the workouts I still got into while on vacation!

Whenever I travel, I try to always involve some sort of exercise. Whether that’s biking somewhere, walking to dinner, bodyboarding at the beach, hotel gym workout, working out on the balcony if there is no gym, dropping into a CrossFit gym, going to an Orange Theory workout, or trying a completely new workout/gym – I try to always get in some sort of exercise no matter what. Vacations are for relaxing and recovering, but I also know that I’m a happier person during my vacation AND after when I continue to workout.

While on this trip to Santa Ynez Valley, I was able to get in 3 different kinds of workouts. The first workout I tried while on the trip was pilates! I’ve never done actual pilates before and was excited to have my first session at such a beautiful studio – Pilates at Studio Joie De V in Santa Ynez. The owner was so friendly and easy to chat with and paid close attention to detail with the body and how it moved throughout the entire hour. My bum, shoulders and hips were so tired the next day! I thought it was an awesome workout, but I still love my soaked-in-sweat, absolutely-exhausted CF and OTF workouts a little bit more. I want to leave feeling like I have nothing left in me and I didn’t quite get that. BUT that could have been because it was my first time and we had to concentrate a little more on body mechanics than the motions. I would totally go again to Pilates at Studio Joie De V if I’m ever back in Santa Ynez! And I highly recommend it for someone who needs rehabilitation/physical therapy after injuries or other issues!

I was also able to drop in at CrossFit Santa Ynez Valley where everyone was so incredibly friendly and easy to get along with! I’m pretty particular about what I want from a CF gym and this one was great! Friendly staff, friendly members, clean space and great workout! I woke up the next morning feeling like I was hit by a bus, probably after walking 75m on my hands – haven’t done that in A LONG time!

My last workout was a hotel workout that I made up on the spot while staying at the Fess Parker Inn. They had a great little gym with some cardio equipment and dumbbells so I just pulled a workout out of my ass and got to work! I left COMPLETELY drenched in sweat, feeling ready to get back home and work my butt off again in the gym. This trip was completely full of amazing food and fabulous cocktails, but I came home still feeling good in my skin. And that’s exactly why I think fitness on vacations is important and helpful! The more you can take care of your body and your mind while on vacation, the more likely you are going to be able to get right back into your healthy routine once you return home. Which is a good thing for me right now since I leave town again on Thursday, this time for Austin, aka the place with some of the best food in the nation!

Sunday – Rest Day

Monday – Rest Day/Travel Day

TuesdayPilates at Studio Joie De V

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – CrossFit at CrossFit Santa Ynez Valley

20 minute As Many Rounds As Possible:

200m farmer carry (70/55) – I used 35#

100m walking lunges

50m handstand walk

I got 1+325

Friday – Hotel Gym Workout at Fess Parker Inn – see workout here

2 mile run –

Start with a quarter mile at a jogging pace then quarter mile at a running pace, then back to jog then run until the 2 miles is complete. I was on a treadmill so every time I went back to a jog or run, I would increase my speed by .2! Then after, 3×30 second sprints with 30 second rest between.

THEN 20-10-20-10 of:

DB clean to goblet squat


Double DB Russian swings

Tuck jumps

*complete 20 clean to squat, then 20 burpees, 20 swings and 20 jump. Then go through reps of 10, back to 20 then 10 to finish!

SaturdayCrossFit Broadway Class

For time:

With a partner, complete:

1 mile run (must run together)

50 push jerks (155/105) – 50 reps between the two of you

2 mile air dyne bike – between the two of you

50 burpee box jumps – between the two of you

50 push jerks (155/105) – 50 reps between the two of you

2000m row

We finished in 26:22 – my partner used 155# and I used 85#

Free Travel Workout:

See Friday Workout!

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Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday!! I feel like I’m moving a little slower than usual today. And that’s probably because I have a flight this morning to Santa Ynez and I don’t want to commit to actually packing. Luckily (except kind of unluckily) United is not letting certain passengers carry on their luggage – basic economy doesn’t have the right to bring a carry-on, I guess – so I’m forced to check a bag. SO I am taking my giant bag with me so I don’t have to puzzle piece my luggage together. Still, I don’t want to pack. So I’m dilly-dallying around the house, needing to wash my hair and walk the dog and drink more coffee than usual. I’ll get there…at some point.

In case you missed it on the podcast this week, I talked about Creating a Better Relationship w/ Food. And this topic really holds true for me, especially when going on vacation or a trip. Before, I would obsess about trying to lose as much weight as I could before a trip, then I wouldn’t want to eat on the trip, and it was this constant struggle between wanting to eat and enjoy the things I love the most, while not wanting to hate myself for eating. It was a constant battle. And a completely destructive one.

Today I leave for a trip and because I make great decisions at home both in the gym and in the kitchen, I’m not worried about not having a home cooked meal for 5 days. I’m still incorporating fitness into this trip, including CrossFit, pilates, and hopefully Orange Theory and I’ll still be enjoying all the prosecco, but that can happen since I’ve been able to find peace with food. I no longer see food as the enemy, I see it as fuel. I see it as enjoyment. And I see it as an experience. And with having that inner peace, I no longer struggle with starving myself and then later binging.

This sort of freedom takes time and takes work, but it is possible. I highly recommend listening to my latest podcast because I talk about all the different things that gave me that freedom and how I continue to work hard to make sure those negative feelings and behaviors don’t take over again! In the meantime, I need to pack and hop on a plane! Have a wonderful Monday! And be sure to check back in tomorrow because I have an awesome breakfast recipe coming your way!

Sunday – Wake surfing

MondayCrossFit Broadway Class

Strict Press: 3 x 10 @ 70%. Go unbroken!!! (10 mins) – I used 65#

Then 15 min AMRAP Of:

25 Calorie Row

10 Overhead Squats (135/95) – I used 75#

5 Muscle Ups / Burpee Pull Ups – I did burpee pull ups

I literally have NO idea how many rounds I got…maybe 4?

Tuesday – Wake surfing

WednesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

EMOM x 6: 1 x Power Clean + 3 Front Squats (75% of 1 rep max clean) – I used 95#

Then 16 min AMRAP Of:

60 Double Unders

10 Strict Handstand Pushups

15/10 Calorie Assault Bike

I got 7+4

ThursdayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

FridayCrossFit Broadway Class

Back Squats: 3 x 5. All sets at 60%. All sets have a 3 sec down – 3 sec pause at bottom. (12 mins) – I used 100# video here

Then 3 Rounds For Time Of: (13 min time cap)

20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups – I did regular kipping pull ups

20 Push Jerks (135/95) – I used 75#

20 Calorie Row

I finished in 11:51

SaturdayOrange Theory Class – see workout here


Free Travel Workout:

20-10-20-10 for time:

KB clean into goblet squat


KB swings

Tuck jumps

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I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for your support with PaleOMG!

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Weekly Workouts

Happy Mondaaaaaay!! I hope you had the best weekend yet! Mine was quite delightful because it was spent in the gym, at a wedding, on the couch, in the backyard, and at a new restaurant. Pretty much everything I want in a weekend!

I spent the weekend thinking a lot about progress. It’s pretty easy to feel like progress isn’t actually happening. I watch it happen with people in the gym or talking to people online and I’ve even witnessed it with myself. We give ourselves a week or maybe even a month, and when we don’t “see the progress” that we hoped we would, we self-sabotage. I’ve seen it over and over and I’ve done it myself. We let social media or the people around us dictate how we feel about our own progress instead of patting ourselves on the back for all the hard work that has gone into what should be a long road, not a short one.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds. Some of our genetics make us pack on muscle easily, some make it hard to gain weight, some make it hard to lose weight. We all have different backgrounds, genetics, influences, and life situations. Every single one of us. So why would we ever compare ourselves to another person? Those questions like, “Why can they eat that and when I even look at it, I gain weight?” or “I work just as hard as that person but don’t look like them, how is that possible?” Well, because you aren’t that person. And asking questions that you’ll never be able to answer won’t ever get you anywhere. And that’s where progress ends. When we compare, when we doubt, and when we self-sabotage is where progress no longer prevails.

Progress is a funny thing. For some, progress comes in days and for others, it may takes years. And that can be so incredibly frustrating and upsetting. But that’s life. Life has it’s own way of throwing curve balls, no matter who you are. And since we can’t write our own genetics or our own progress, hard work continues to be the factor that sets all of us apart. If you want something – then work for it. Not for a week or a month or even a year. Work for it forever. Never stop working hard.

I say all this because for the longest time, I thought I would never see change in a certain part of my physical appearance. I told myself that those were just my genetics and that was that. But even with those feelings, I kept working. I didn’t let that self-doubt take over my life. And guess what? After 7+ years of working hard in the gym and eating healthy, I’m finally seeing some change. 7 years. That’s a good chunk of time. Which makes me think – what progress can I make in another 7 years of continued hard work and perseverance? I can’t wait to find out.

It’s Monday. Get rid of the comparing, get rid of the self-doubt, get rid of the pity. It’s time to work hard – every day. That’s what life is all about!

Sunday – Rest Day

MondayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

TuesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

470m Farmers Carry For Time (2 x 55/35) – I finished in 3:43

“TBH III: (20min time cap)

3 Rounds For Time:

500m Row

30 Wall Ball

I finished in 16:46 rx

WednesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

Max Unbroken Pull Ups (in 1 or 2 attempts) – I got 26

Total Strict HSPU in 2 mins (break up as needed) – I got 10

15 min AMRAP Of:

10 Push Jerks (135/95)

10 Front Squats (135/95)

50 Double Unders

I got 7 + 4 using 75#

Thursday – Rest Day

FridayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

SaturdayCrossFit Broadway Class

Partner workout –

800m run together

100 kettlebell swings (55/35)

80 burpees

60 front squats (135/95)

40 pull ups

20 strict handstand push ups

800m run to finish

We finished in 25 something using 65#


Free Travel Workout:

5 rounds for time:

10/10 one arm DB thrusters

15 burpees

20 v-ups

25 tuck jumps

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Weekly Workouts

Good morning and happy Monday!! I’m already in a good mood today because I woke up in my own bed finally after 4 days in Aspen. I went to the Food & Wine Classic and spent most of my days at the American Express Platinum House that had all sorts of fun activities going on during the day…and night! I’ll be writing an entire post about that on the blog this week but I did want to talk about one of the fitness activities they had going on at the AMEX house – Soul Cycle! We don’t have Soul Cycle in Colorado quite yet (it’s coming in 2018) so it was fun to finally try it and see what it’s all about. I’ve done Cyclebar before which has a similar feeling and I’ve done all sorts of spin classes, as well. But these Soul Cycle classes were definitely a little different just because they were on top of Aspen mountain, on the balcony of a seriously HUGE mansion. Which was pretty damn cool. What I love about Soul Cycle and Cyclebar classes is they go by WAY faster than normal spin classes, so it’s over before you know it. What I don’t love about it…is it’s spin. I just don’t love being stuck to one spot being clipped in for almost an hour. I loving moving and jumping and lifting heavier weights. But having those classes first thing in the morning, before we all headed out for 2 days straight to eat and drink the entire day, well that was pretty awesome. Nothing like burning calories before eating all the calories!

OMG – Guess what?! My Aaptiv x PaleOMG Get Strong Challenge starts today! 7 workouts, 7 PaleOMG recipes (one brand new recipes that you’ve never seen, in 7 days starts TODAY! I want you to follow along with me to get fit and strong and feel your best in 7 quick days! You can see my post all about it here but here’s how you sign up:

  1. Sign up for Aaptiv using the code AAPTIVOMG (make sure it’s all CAPS!). You’ll get 30 days of free workouts on Aaptiv. If you’re already a member you’re good to go. You can move on to the next step!
  2. Open the Aaptiv app and find the “Curator Playlist” category.
  3. There, you’ll find my hand-picked Aaptiv workouts!
  4. To download the recipe guide, click the “Learn More” link under the category description.
  5. Download the recipe PDF (it also has a recommended workout for each day).
  6. Crush your workout, make your Paleo meal, and show us your strength on Instagram using hashtag #aaptivomg. We want to see how you’re doing with the challenge and what recipes you’re loving!!

Can’t wait to see how you guys like the Aaptiv workouts and how you’re feeling throughout the week!!

Sunday – Rest Day

MondayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

TuesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

Strict Press: 12 mins to find a new 1 Rep Max! – I got 90#

Then 13 min AMRAP OF:

300m Run

10 C&J (135/95)

15 C2B Pull Ups

I got 3+302 using 75#

WednesdayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Soul Cycle Class at the American Express Platinum House in Aspen

Saturday – Soul Cycle Class at the American Express Platinum House in Aspen


Free Travel Workout:

10 min AMRAP:

200m sprint

20 kettlebell swings

20 burpees

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Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday! I hope you’re ready to crush the sh*t out of this week! This week is about to get awesome because we are about to paint the outside of our house and fingers crossed we don’t hate it! Painting a gigantic landscape is quite overwhelming and frightening but hopefully it all works and we love it. If we don’t, we’ll have to move.

Anywho, let’s talk about working outttttt! This week on the blog, I’m going to put together an entire post about finding the perfect workout for you and talk a little bit about my own journey, so stay tuned for that! Until then, let’s chat about staying motivated. A few months back, I joined Orange Theory to mix up my routine because I wasn’t feeling quite as inspired in my CrossFit gym. As soon as I felt even a tad less motivated at CrossFit, I mixed it up. The last thing I ever want to happen is to find excuses to not make it in the gym. So I changed up what I was comfortable with. I’m incredibly comfortable at my CrossFit gym. I know everyone, I’ve coached there for years, many of the members were even invited to my wedding. I love that gym. And going to a completely different gym, knowing no one and not feeling as comfortable can be nerve-racking. And I know those kinds of nerves can keep people from walking into a gym.

But here’s the thing – Sometimes when things get uncomfortable, that’s when life actually starts. We all get nerves whether it’s the first day at a new job, or school, or a first date, or first child, or first home. We’ve all had nerves before but we’ve pushed through those feelings because we knew great outcomes were possible. The gym is the exact same. We may feel uncomfortable walking into a gym or a new class or a new workout, but such great things can come from that first step. Don’t let yourself get bored, don’t let yourself come up with excuses to not walk in, and don’t let your anything stand in the way of your goals. At the end of the day, life is all about keeping yourself motivated, no matter to obstacles. Stay tuned on the blog this week because I’ll be sharing all the workouts that I’ve tried, the pros and cons, and what has helped me stay motivated and confident throughout the ever-changing workouts trends!

Now go kick some serious Monday ass!

Sunday – Rest Day

MondayCrossFit Broadway Class

  • I honestly do not remember the workout WHATSOEVER and it’s not on our gyms website anymore. Apologies!!

TuesdayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

WednesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

5 sets of: (14 mins)

10 Strict Toes 2 Bar

10 Strict HSPU (if you can do 10 RX reps unbroken go to deficit)

Then 12 min AMRAP Of:

20 Cal Row

10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

20 KB Swings (70/55)

I got 3+21 using 45#

Thursday – Rest day

FridayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

SaturdayCrossFit Broadway Class

2 rounds for time:

13 power snatch (155/105)

200m run

13 strict HSPU

200m run

13 box jumps (24/20)

200m run

13 hang squat cleans (155/105)

200m run

13 pull ups

13 wall balls

200m run

I finished in 21:55 at 75#


Free Travel Workout:

Every min on the min for 15 min:

min 1 – 12 DB thrusters

min 2 – 10 burpees

min 3 – 22 tuck jumps

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I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for your support with PaleOMG!

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Weekly Workouts

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are enjoying today and remembering the heroes we have lost. Today I’m heading to our CrossFit gym to do the workout “Murph” before enjoying the sunshine. I’ve done this workout 6 years in a row and happy to do it for a 7th time! I still remember doing it for the first time in a park in college and not being able to get through it but still doing as much as I could. Time to try my best once again!

I would usually give a little Monday inspiration and fitness advice, but I’m off to the gym and to enjoy my husband having an extra day off. So go get after a workout, go take care of your body and your mind, and go enjoy time with your friends and family. Remember to be thankful for what you have today.

Sunday – Rest Day

MondayCrossFit Broadway Class

Back Squats: 5 x 2. All sets at 92% (16 mins) – I used 150#

Then As FAST As Possible For Time: (9 min time cap)

500m Row

470m Run

30 OH Squats (135/95)

I finished in 5:45 using 75#

TuesdayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

WednesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

3 Rounds For Time Of: (25 min time cap)

470m Run

4 rounds of:

4 Strict HSPU

8 C2B Pull Ups

12 Air Squats

I finished in 18:03 using 1 ab mat for HSPU and doing regular kipping pull ups

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday Orange Theory Class – see workout here

Saturday CrossFit Broadway Class

5 rounds for time:

400m run

20 squat cleans (95/65)

I finished in 21:40 rx


Free Travel Workout:


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

*This is the workout I will be doing today

**Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed.

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Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday!! I don’t know about your weekend but mine was BUSY!! We had family in town to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday and we also celebrated Mother’s Day with my own mom. So we had lots of meals out at restaurants, we went to Blackhawk, I watched a friend get engaged at their housewarming party, we sold our couch (and our new one doesn’t come until Thursday so we have an empty living room for all of our lucky house guests), we went to a Rockies game, and we spent lots of time at our own house just playing games and hanging out. Lots of memories, cake, and time with our loved ones.

The one thing I did conquer this past weekend was staying away from alcohol. Last week in my Weekly Workouts post, I mentioned that I had drank too much two nights in a row and was really feeling the repercussions from it. Well luckily, I just had 2 beet cocktails this weekend to celebrate my MIL’s birthday, then I stayed away the rest of the weekend. I did, however, indulge in some leftover GF birthday cake that I pulled out of the freezer because my MIL and my own mom love sweets as much as I do. But I can definitely tell you that waking up this Monday morning after not overdoing it on alcohol has already made such a difference in how I feel both physically and mentally. I’m mentioning this once again because I had a friend at the gym over the weekend say that he’s having trouble seeing his results from the gym and is going to try macros. I mentioned cutting out alcohol and he was super pissed at that idea. And you know what? I get it. I get that cutting out alcohol isn’t fun, but I’m just here to tell you that if you’re frustrated with what results you may not be seeing, alcohol (or lack of sleep, or stress, or hormones…) may be the culprit. It really does play a large part in your physique, as much as we’d like to think that it doesn’t. And I’m here to tell you that I feel completely different this weekend compared to last weekend, all because I didn’t overdo it on alcohol. I still had some cake and sweets, but cutting out the alcohol made such a difference.

Ok, I’ll stop talking about alcohol already!! Instead, let’s talk about questions! I’m going to record a podcast this week with listener questions and I always like to answers blog questions first before I turn it to social media! If you haven’t listened to my podcast yet, I’ve done 5 episodes with listener questions so far and they all have been awesome! So I’m doing it again and wondering what questions you guys have!? They can be related to skincare, workouts, food, clothes, beauty…honestly whatever!! If you have one, please leave your comment below and I’ll answer it this week!!

Sunday – Rest Day

MondayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

TuesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

Back Squats: 5 x 3. All sets at 90%. (16 mins) – I used 145#

Then 3 Rounds For Time: (10 min time cap)

12 Squat Cleans (165/115)

12 Strict HSPU

12 Burpees

I finished in 9 something using 85#

WednesdayCrossFit Broadway Class

5 Rounds Of:

As Far As Possible With a 4 min Clock –

100 Double Unders

20 Deadlift (225/155)

20 Wall Ball

Max Cal Row with remainder of time

*score is total calories over the 5 rounds

**2 min rest between rounds

I got a total of 92 calories using 105# deadlift

Thursday – Rest Day

FridayOrange Theory Class – see workout here

SaturdayCrossFit Broadway Class

800m run

9 power cleans (155/105)

15 hand release push ups

21 kettlebell swings (70/55)




I finished in 19:22 using 85# and 35#


Free Travel Workout:

200m run

21 bicep curls

21 weighted lunges (each leg)

21 hand release push ups



*then go back through 400m and 200m rounds

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lululemon Tie Tank Top (20% off)

Gap High Rise Leggings (25% off)


I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for your support with PaleOMG!

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Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday, you beautiful soul! How are you feeling this President’s Day holiday? Are you feeling motivated? Statistically, last week was the week that people gave up on their New Year’s Resolutions. Were you one of those people? Did you whole30 it and then go off the deep end? Or workout and give up because you didn’t see the results you were hoping for? I ask this because I’ve been that exact person in the past. I ate an entire pan of brownies after staying clean for 30 days, I gave up on my workout because my cellulite wasn’t going away. Blah blah blah. I just gave up. Because honestly, giving up was easier than sticking with it.


I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to be that old me. I don’t want you to believe that your goals aren’t attainable just because you did see the exact results you wanted in a short amount of time. I want you to know that the longer you stick with something, the more results you are going to see. After six years of eating pretty clean and doing CrossFit regularly, I am JUST now seeing the results I had hoped for six years ago. I’m just now seeing the muscle definition that I had hoped for and seeing my body change. But it took six years of hard freaking work. And I know I’ll have a bump in the road, whether that’s birthing a human or getting an injury or fighting through some sort of pain in life. But that won’t keep me from stick with my goals long term. Because I know that the longer I work at it, the better things will get.


So now to you. How are you gonna stick with your goals? If you’re not seeing the results you want today, how are you going to be patient? Are you going to be the person that throws in the towel and says something didn’t work for you because 30 days said so. Or are you gonna be the person who perseveres through the hard work because you know that SOMEDAY you’ll begin to see your hard work pay off? Be the person who perseveres. Work hard, every day, and don’t give up.

Sunday – see video of movements here

3 sets of: 20 good mornings and 10 burpees bicep curls

3 sets of: 20 side skaters and 20 walking top booty lunges

3 sets of: 10/10 Bulgarian split squats (adding weight each time) and 20 light tricep kickbacks

***after each set- 30 second l-sit hold

Monday – see video of movements here

Strength gymnastics – 4 rounds of :?7 strict handstand push ups? and 7 strict pull ups

Then 8 minute partner amrap of: ?Partner 1: sled push (100 feet)? while Partner 2: max effort burpees while they sled push

Lastly every minute on the minute for 12 minutes: minute 1: 12 Calories on air dyne? and minute 2: 18 Wall ball, switching off every minute

Tuesday – Rest day


Every 90 sec for 9 sets (12 mins): Snatch + Hang Snatch + OH Squat. First set at 65%, add as you go. – I got to 107#

In groups of 3: Sprint 1800m For time (6 x 100m Sprints each) – Holy shart, it was so hard

7 min AMRAP Of:

10 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

10 C2B Pull Ups / 14 Pull Ups

I got 4 rounds using 65# and doing regular pull ups


6 Rounds For Time Of: (14 min time cap)

12 Strict HSPU (if you are scaling these, make them bloody tough!!!)

20/18 Cal Row

I finished in 13:50 using 1 ab mat

Deadlift 4 x 10. All sets at 70%. Touch & Go. – I did mine at 150# – see video of movements here

After each set: 30 Sec HS Hold in middle of floor


EMOM x 9

5 Power Cleans (175/115). Cycle touch and go!

+ 20 Double Unders

I did this workout rx – see creepy video here

– 6 min REST THEN –

5 Rounds For Time Of: (15 min Time Cap)

15 KB Swings (70/55)

10 Thrusters (115/75)

5 Muscle Ups / 8 Burpee Pull Ups

I finished in 13:05 using 45# KB, 65# thruster and did burpee pull ups

Saturday – Rest day


Favorite Fitness Apparel Right Now (on sale!!)

If you didn’t already know, Nordstrom is having their Winter Clearance Sale where you can get up to 40% off right now! That means a ton of workout apparel is one sale! I glanced through it quickly to find my favorites for you guys! But be sure to check here to find even more fun things on sale!

This Alo Sports Bra for 25% off

This Under Armour Hooded Jacket for 25% off

This Zella Quilted Jacket for 33% off

These Geometric Shape Tights for 33% off

These Brooks Running Shorts for 33% off

And in case you missed it on instagram this past week, I share two of my favorite new sports bras! The white one comes with a great support and light padding so you don’t have to show everyone your nips while working out. The black one comes with a little less support but an awesome back and still totally functional in the gym! Both are seriously awwwwwesome!

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