What Happens 20 Minutes After You Quit Smoking: A Timeline of How



ByLindsay Sibson

I’m writing this for my mom.

And my dad.

My brother. My sister.

And my best friend.

I’m writing this for YOU. And your loved ones.

I’ve watched many people near and dear to me struggle with

tobacco addiction

When you are a smoker, it is programmed deep into your conscience. Therefore, stopping the addiction requires a strong support system and plan in order to get your brain rewired.

When you make the decision to quit, here is a basic timeline of how your body heals:

20 Minutes

Your heart rate returns to normal.

Your blood pressure goes back to normal.

More sensation returns to your hands and legs.

You slowly become clean of


8 Hours

Your oxygen levels return to normal.

Your risk of heart attack lowers.

Carbon monoxide

You inhale carbon monoxide when tobacco is burning.

This substance joins with your blood cells, preventing oxygen to connect with your cells, which can cause dangerous

cardiovascular diseases

48 Hours

The nicotine in your body will be completely GONE.


nerve endings

You may feel nauseous and crave a cigarette – STICK WITH IT… more health benefits are right around the corner!

72 Hours

You begin breathing easily again.


respiratory system

Revitalization begins in your lungs, repairing the cilia (cilia keep your airways clear of mucus and dirt).

Your are further lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and kidney failure.

2 Weeks

Source: FitLifeTV