What You Can Do To Start Loving Life Again

Written by: Kat Gal

You may have those days when you feel lost in life – maybe even sad, scared or a bit hopeless – but it doesn’t mean you have to let these negative feelings control you. You can take back your love for life, feel joy, get inspired and have faith in the world again.

Sometimes it can feel like the world is a dark place. You open the news – or heck, even social media – and it can feel like the world is falling apart: global warming, wars, cancer, hunger and the list goes on. The world we are living in is not sustainable. Then if you just look at your personal life, you may find issues that worry you: perhaps your health, your financial situation, your job security, your children’s future and perhaps simply your personal satisfaction in life and your happiness level.

It is easy to feel sad, frustrated and hopeless. It is easy to feel like a victim, that things are just happening to you and around you.

But you don’t have to feel this way. You can get rid of the victim mentality. You can start thinking positively. You can start doing positive things for yourself, for your friends, family and community and for the world.

You don’t have to save the entire world. You are not Superman (or Superwoman). There is no need to put on a leotard (but feel free to do so, if you’d like!).

Here are six things you can do to get inspired again and to live a meaningful life that’s good for the world around you:

#1. Smile

This sounds so simple, yet it is so important. A tiny gesture like a genuine smile shows kindness and can change someone’s day. Make eye contact with the cashier at the store and smile. Smile at someone who looks sad or angry. You may change their day and you may receive a smile back in return. Smiling also helps naturally lift your mood.

#2. Volunteering

Giving back can be uplifting. It also brings a community closer. Give up your time to give back. What skills could you use as a volunteer? What causes are you passionate about? You can volunteer in so many ways: help out at an animal shelter, volunteer at a senior home, stuff envelopes for a fundraising event, use your tech skills to help a non-profit, work at a soup kitchen for the homeless and the list goes on.

#3. Exercising

Exercise helps your body to release happy hormones. After a good run or a relaxing yoga class, you will see the world from a happier angle. Knowing that you’ve done something positive for your body and your health is also uplifting. Taking care of you is number one – you can only help the world if you are helping yourself first. By signing up for a fundraising road race, walk or other fitness event, you can give extra meaning to your workout efforts.

#4. Donating

You don’t have to be rich to donate. Even a dollar or five dollars can be helpful. You can donate your used clothes and other items too. But make sure that your donation is not about you. Don’t just give up all your stuff you don’t need. Ask first what’s needed by the person or organization you are giving to and create your packet filled with items useful to them. Afterall, your donation is about love and the receiver. If you are donating money, look into first how the organization will use your donation.

#5. Environmental Consciousness

You can make steps every day to live a more environmentally friendly and green life. Turn off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair. Recycle and compost. Choose glass over plastic. Avoid using items that can’t be recycled. Fix your clothes instead of buying new ones. Clean with a cloth instead of paper towels. Make your own cleaning materials, or buy organic, natural products. Grow your own food, shop at your farmer’s market, shop local and buy organic. Drive less, bike, walk and use public transportation more. The list goes on. You can make a small change every day.

#6. Watching Inspiring Videos

Watching TED talks, inspiring youtube videos and reading inspiring blogs or books may not sound like much. However, these videos, articles and books are filled with inspiring ideas, useful information and often doable action steps. You will not only feel inspired to make a difference, but you will also actually learn new ideas how to do it. Just make sure you do them.

See, life can actually be crazy awesome and inspiring. You can do so much to make the world a better place and to make your life more fulfilled and joyful.

How will you make a difference today? Share it in the comments below. As always, we would love to hear from and get inspired by your ideas.

Source: Fit Life TV