When Should You Be Showering

Written by: Brandi Monasco

I like to take my showers and baths at night. It helps me to unwind and wash the day away. Taking a shower at night also helps my muscles to relax and get ready for bed, which helps me to sleep better.

My husband, on the other hand, likes to take his showers in the morning because they help him to wake up and feel energized and ready to get started with his day.

Did you know that depending on when you shower plays an important role in your health?

Why You Should Shower In The Mornings:

  • Helps You Wake Up. Morning showers are great for helping you to wake up. Taking a shower in the morning helps to get your engines going and alerts your brain that you are no longer asleep and that it is time to get up and get going with your day. One study shows that taking a cold shower in the morning can wake you up even faster.
  • You Need To Be Creative. Having a shower first thing in the morning after waking up gets your creative juices flowing, which is essential if you are a creative person or have a creative job. One Harvard University psychology lecturer states that a morning shower is like an incubation period for your brain, plus, showering doesn’t usually take much thought. When your mind is relaxed you can usually find an answer and have an “aha” moment.
  • You Cut Yourself Shaving. Maybe you are sometimes clumsy or don’t really pay attention when you are shaving. If you tend to cut yourself often when you are shaving, try taking a shower in the morning. In the morning, your body gets a surge of those platelets that helps to form clots. That means, if you tend to cut yourself often, the bleeding will stop sooner than what it would in the evening.

Why You Should Shower At Night:

  • You Have A Hard Time Going To Sleep. Just as a shower in the morning can help wake you up, a shower at night can help you to get to sleep easier. A hot shower increases your body temperature and as you step out of the shower and into normal room temperature, your body temperature spirals downward. This helps to make your core body temperature cool off and slow down your metabolism as well as your digestion and heart rate. This makes your body think that it is time for bed, allowing you to go to sleep easier and sleep more soundly.
  • You Suffer With Allergies. This is a big thing if you are one of the many people who suffer from allergies on a daily basis. Taking a shower before bed helps to remove the allergens that are trapped in your hair and on your skin. When you remove the allergens from your skin and you change into clean clothes, you remove the risk of tracking allergies into your bed and onto your pillow, which can cause even more allergy issues.
  • Your Skin Is Acne Prone. Taking a shower at night not only helps to remove allergens from your hair and skin, but it also helps to remove sweat, makeup, dirt and anything else that your skin has come into contact with during the day. Showering at night helps to reduce your risk of having an acne breakout and worsening existing acne.

The bottom line is that taking a shower depends on you and your lifestyle. It also depends on various other factors such as when you work out and what you do for a living.

What are your thoughts? When do you prefer your showers? Share with us in the comments below!

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