World Needs Our Individuality

Individuality is a vital part of humanity.

Individuality Plays an Important Role

Since the beginning of time, self-sacrifice has been ingrained within our consciousness. Like herd animals, we have huddled together throughout the centuries to keep safe, claim our territory, and insure our longevity. Conformity and adhering to what was best for the group, the leaders, and those with power was expected and enforced.

We instinctively want and need to be a part of a tribe. We seek our identity and fulfill our desire for community by bonding with others. Connecting with others of like mind and heart is healthy. However, it is important to bond with others through our most loving and positive aspects.

When we form close ties with others through negative and fear based commonalities, this only reinforces and exaggerates these qualities within ourselves. It is tempting to align with others through our prejudices, judgments, superficial likes and dislikes, fears, wounds and other constrictive similarities and sentiments. Yet, a minor dislike can become a prison of hate and limitations when it is reinforced by group consciousness.

Bonding with Others in Positive Ways

Even when we bond with others through more positive aspirations and goals, we may find ourselves feeling hemmed in and out of touch with our own unique spark of individuality. In varying degrees, we have all experienced an inner resentment when we feel we cannot be who we are meant to be. We work at jobs that we do not necessarily like or enjoy. We stay in unsatisfying relationships that do not speak to our heartfelt needs.

Debt rises to pay for the home, cars, clothing, and other gadgets that we hope will help us to feel accepted and good about ourselves. The resentment builds and our truth sinks deeper and deeper into a silent inner prison. We have become willing, but disgruntled participates in the charade of falsities.

Although the compliant surrender and suppressing of our individuality for something outside of ourselves is bigger than we are, conformity and compromising your authentic self is a dead end. The world no longer needs complacency and the safe and predictable. It needs our ideas and our genius.

We have lost our individuality and uniqueness and we suffer, individually and culturally. Conformity solves nothing in this world. In the all-important and crucial areas of medicine, the environment, our energy needs, world hunger, politics and poverty, war and conflict, we also need new ideas, inventions, risk takers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and those who are willing to tell the truth.

Be the Most You Can Be!

Be the most that you can be. Find what makes you unique and shout it out to the world. Every day there is the opportunity to approach the traditional and accepted with curiosity and clear vision. Thus, begin with yourself. Challenge your thoughts and your patterned way of relating to life.

See the original within yourself, see it in others and you cannot help but express it in everything that you do. You are your security. There is no outside, government, corporation, cultural support or organization that is more reliable than you. Keep one hand in the heavens, always feeling around for the pure and magical. Plant your feet firm in the earth and do what you came here to do and be your truth.

About the Author

Psychic and Medium Sherrie Dillard is the best-selling author of Discover Your Psychic Type, [email protected]

Source: OM Times