Yoga Teachers: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Grow Your Yoga Business

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How do I stay motivated to continue learning and growing my business? —Julie

We all have days when we feel like we are out of creativity and juice to keep on going. Sometimes all we need is a little break, a quick vacation, or some time out doing something else until the inspiration comes back. The issue is when stalling drags on for weeks or months or when we swing from super focused and active to not creating anything new at all. To avoid this, we have to establish some routines so that we can bring ourselves back to center more quickly. And, let’s be clear: Being inspired without acting on your ideas is not the same as being motivated, which means taking the idea and moving it forward.

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We have a four-step process to keep us and our teams motivated.

1. Take baby steps every day.

This is very simple, yet largely overlooked by many. Opt to taking baby steps every day rather than preparing for the one BIG step someday in the future. Every day ask yourself: What are the one or two or three things I can without a doubt complete today? This way of thinking eliminates the “not-yet” or “someday-soon” syndrome that provokes the feeling of stagnation. Commit to small steps and integrity to your commitments, and soon enough you will see yourself getting more done than you ever imagined. This level of self-commitment requires that you check in on what matters most that day.

2. Form or join a mastermind group.

Source: YogaJournal